Cremation center and pet cemetery

  • Individual cremation
  • Return of ashes
  • Collective cremation
  • Collective burial
  • Cemetery on the edge of the forest open 7 days a week
  • Calm and tranquility
  • Colombarium cinerary space
  • Rental of places for the year accessible 7 days a week
  • Support upon death
  • Transport of equines
  • Intervention 7 days a week

Our family establishment is a classified installation and is the first pet cremation centre to have obtained European approval.

We offer a complete service which will allow you to choose the service that is right for you: group or individual cremation, burial in our cemetery or at your own home, exhumations.

You are given the opportunity to be present at an individual burial or cremation, giving you the chance to say a fond farewell to your beloved pet with dignity and reverence.

Please contact us so we can help you find the service that meets your requirements.

        Stéphane Brendlé